Sunday, October 23, 2011

Child harnesses--useful or mean?

Before I had experience with toddlers I looked at the use of child harnesses as rude, treating your child like an animal. Then I had a family member who before age 2 became a FAST runner. She loved to dart off and could disappear in a second. Then I understood. The harness/leash is simply a method of keeping your child safe.

I took a facebook/twitter poll on the subject. Here are the results:

46%  It's a good option to keep my child near and safe.
30%  I thought it was bad until my child became a runner.
12%  I'd rather be embarrassed than lose one. (Fan write-in)
12%  It's inhumane, the child is not a dog!
0 votes: I'd be too embarrassed to use one.

Only 12%  chose "the child is not a dog!" and 88% agreed that it is a good way to keep the child safe. I bought a harness for E. shortly after she started walking but never had to use it. I lucked out and she was very good at staying nearby. Not every child stays close, so if you have a runner don't feel guilty for using a child harness. Keep your child safe.

Reader C.G. from Alabama said she used a harness when walking with her toddler daughter around the neighborhood. There was heavy traffic near the house and it was unsafe to let her daughter walk freely yet her daughter refused to hold hands. Perfect solution! Her daughter was happy with her freedom and C.G. knew she could keep her child safe from harm.

Here are a few very cute options that should make your toddler safe and happily unaware its purpose is really safety:

Sponge Bob Tether Buddy

Munchkin Stay-Close Harness and Handstrap


MySweetCreations said...

Great post! We never had to use one, but I see quite a few other people who do. :)

Cloud Surfing With Kids (Surviving air travel with children) said...

Thanks, MySweetCreations!

Anonymous said...

I've traveled all over the world with my daughter and I swore by her harness. I wasn't taking any chances of losing her in a foreign country!

Cloud Surfing With Kids (Surviving air travel with children) said...

You're a smart mama, tales of a travelista!